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Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II

137 Warren Avenue
Plymouth, MA
(508) 746-1622
Located 11.18 miles from Maple Park Campground & RV Park

Plimoth Plantation & Mayflower II

Visiting Mayflower II is an extraordinary experience. The details of the ship, from the solid oak timbers and tarred hemp rigging, to the wood and horn lanterns and hand-colored maps, have all been carefully recreated to give you a sense of what the original 17th-century vessel was like.

Come aboard and learn about the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower, the perils of maritime travel, and the tools of 17th-century navigation. Explore the cramped quarters of the ship's passengers. Peer down into the lower level "hold," where the food, clothing, furniture, tools and other items necessary to start a colony were stored. Admire the "spacious" Master's cabin, and compare it to the wet and windy accommodations of the common sailors.

You will also hear the tale of a modern Englishman's dream to build and sail Mayflower II as a symbol of American and British unity after WWII.

Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth Plantation is Plymouth as it was in the 17th century: it is a centuries-old Wampanoag homesite, a welcoming bench covered in furs, bluefish roasting slowly over an bed of hot coals, and a man dressed in traditional deerskin clothing. It is townspeople speaking the poetic language of Shakespeare's England, the sharp smell of gunpowder during a military drill, the sound of laughter around a glowing hearth and the salty breeze blowing across a wooden ship's deck.

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